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Mission & Vision:

The mission of IPM PIPE is to realize a dynamic, integrated national system facilitated by information technology that provides centralized, useful tools with reliable information for IPM practitioners. Our vision is to develop the IPM PIPE to help maximize economic returns, and improve social welfare and environmental health by promotion of efficient and coordinated IPM decision support systems.

Active ipmPIPE Components

Soybean Rust Legume Cucurbit Downy Mildew
Asian Soybean Rust Halo Blight Various cucurbit diseases
SBR is an important disease of soybean and other legumes

The Legume PIPE addresses several diseases of common beans, and cool and warm season legumes

CDM is a disease pest of cucurbits (cucumbers, watermelon, pumpkins, etc.)
Pecan Onion Southern Corn Rust
Pecan nut casebearer larvae Onion PIPE Southern Corn Rust
This site contains two components: a real-time prediction map and an IPM Toolbox. The Onion PIPE addresses several diseases and insect pests of onions.
Southern rust of corn is caused by the fungus Puccinia polysora.

Using this Site:

The purpose of this site is to describe the IPM PIPE, to provide a clearinghouse for a number of resources useful to IPM PIPE committees and workgroups, and to otherwise facilitate the development of the IPM PIPE.

About the IPM PIPE displays background information on this program, and links to FAQs

Governance provides information on our Steering Committee, bylaws, and work group products

Partners and Links dsiplays contact information and websites for many of the key partners collaborating in this effort

Training includes Powerpoint presentations and other materials for use in learning more about the IPM PIPE and how to use it.



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