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Frequently Asked Questions about the IPM PIPE

About the IPM PIPE Program

  • The name: What does the name IPM PIPE stand for?

  • How it works: Who makes the field observations?

  • Impacts/benefits: What have been the costs and benefits of PIPE?

  • Plans for 2007:
    • What will PIPE look like in 2007 if USDA-RMA is the only source of federal funding?
    • What will PIPE look like in 2007 if additional funds are appropriated?

  • Project scope:
    • Wasn't the IPM PIPE supposed to address the soybean rust issue?
    • Are other countries involved with PIPE in addition to the U.S?

  • Sustainability:
    • Isn’t there a risk that expanding the IPM PIPE will damage the successful SBR PIPE?
    • Government and University programs seem to appear and then disappear after a few years. Will PIPE have sustainability?

  • Program cost:
    • Who has paid for PIPE?
    • Costs/Fees: Is the IPM PIPE free for users?

  • Access:
    • Who can use the information provided by the IPM PIPE ?
    • Who has access to the information behind the PIPE web site?

  • Communications:
    • How can I keep updated about PIPE progress?
    • How can I submit a comment about IPM PIPE ?

  • Crop insurance: I noticed that portions of the PIPE pertain to crop insurance. What is that all about?

For IPM PIPE Users - Farmers, consultants, etc.

  • Skills & Equipment Required: Do I need any special computer skills or equipment to access PIPE?

  • Costs/Fees: Is the IPM PIPE free for users?

  • Training: Are there any PIPE educational programs that I can attend locally?

  • Confidentiality: If information comes from my farm, is it confidential?

  • Output/Products:
    • Does the PIPE have predictive capabilities, or does it only show past events?
    • Can I use the PIPE web site to look at the past history of pest movement and development?

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